• White Spirit bottle
  • Vodka bottle/Brandy bottle/whiskey bottle
  • Health care medicine bottle
  • Electroplating bottle/Imitation caramics bottle
  • Oil bottle
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  Chongqing Wan Heng Glass Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, which located in Chongqing City, Dianjiang County town, our factory covers an area of 40 acres. We have  260 employs, including professional and technical personnel, marketing staff of more than 10 people. Large gas tank furnace has been built, producing more than 2800 tons of high-grade wine every year, with output value of more than 8000. Our company is specialized in producing, designing and selling high grade glass bottles, foreign wine bottles and drinking water bottles. Company strong technical force, with a number of domestic design companies to cooperate, the development of new products every year more than 100 kinds.

  The company has five production lines, 8S, 7S, 6S of a production line, a single disc hand press production line, a pressing production line and production are equipped with bottles and baked yarn spraying production line, the processing capacity of the company is more reasonable. The company is equipped with professional and efficient customer service staff, can provide you with mold design, trademark design, purchasing glass stopper, bottle cap, connecting body, agents, transport vehicles and other services, to save you from the pain of setbacks. The company can provide baking, grinding, painting, engraving and other deep processing.

  Founded seven years ago, adhering to the "sincere to win customers, quality and development" business philosophy, and achieved good market performance! The company will always adhere to the "guest is the guest, good faith management, sexual price lead, steady development" business philosophy, depending on the needs of customers for their own development momentum, and strive to develop their own, improve themselves.

Dianjiang County, Chongqing County, Gui Gui Town, two committees